Ensign Software Programming Language

Click here to read the  ESPL Manual  for Ensign Windows.

Ensign Window has a powerful programming language (ESPL) that extends the capabilities of the program so users can incorporate their own time tested trading insights.  The language is a sub-set of Delphi (Pascal), and includes variables, expressions, Boolean logic, loop statements, procedures, functions, editor, timer, access to the Windows API, and an interface to access data records and key procedures in Ensign Windows.

    ESPL can be used to create:
  • User Defined Symbols
  • User Defined Studies
  • User Defined Color Bars
  • User Defined Draw Tools
  • Input forms and reports
  • Database searches with criteria filters
  • Trading systems and back test them
  • Procedures which control Ensign Windows, such as printing a group of charts

In Ensign Windows, click menu Help | ESPL Contents for complete ESPL documentation.  Ensign Software also has an ESPL manual on this web site.  This excellent manual has an alphabetical listing of every ESPL statement, complete with a fully functional example for every statement.  This is a must have resource for every serious ESPL programmer.

The lessons on this page will help you learn to write ESPL programs.  Several examples are shown