Chart Properties

The best place to control bar spacing is by setting the default on the SetUp | Charts form.   This default is used when the 1-minute chart is opened.  However, you can use ESPL to programmatically adjust the bar spacing.  This example shows different things you might consider:

  if Who=1 then SendKeys(']');     {note this is a square bracket in quotations}
  if Who=2 then SendKeys('[');
  if Who=3 then begin SetVariable(eBarSpace,1); Refresh(); end;

Display a chart, and while it has the focus, click the #1 menu item and the chart bar spacing will tighten.
Click the #2 menu and the bar spacing will widen.
Click the #3 menu and the bar spacing will jump to a 1 pixel spacing.

Read about the SetVariable function in the ESPL documentation.  It allows you to control other chart properties.   The Refresh() function forces the chart to redraw using the newly set properties.