Auto Update

This script scans through all intra-day chart files and bring them current.  If one uses eSignal, the charts are refreshed from the DBC Tick and Bar Servers.   One possible use for the script might be to schedule it to execute hourly by the Scheduler.

var f: TForm;
  if Who=1 then begin;
    while f.WindowState=wsMinimized do Application.ProcessMessages;;

The script will execute when the user clicks the #1 button on the Script Editor form, or clicks on menu #1.   Also, it could be invoked by the Scheduler for an hourly execution by entering the time as   :mm  on the Scheduler.  Omit the hour portion of the time, and the task will run hourly at the mm minutes past the hour.  The Scheduler would set the Who value to 1, or whatever value of who you want to code this for.   opens the SetUp | Computer form.  The SendKeys tabs to the Intra-day Button and clicks it.  Application.ProcessMessages is necessary to allow the form to minimize before we test for it not being minimized.  The setup form is minimized while the charts update, so we test to see when it has returned to normal.  When the update is done,  the SetUp form is closed.