Merge Globex

Question:  Is there a way to merge the Globex 2 data with the regular day trading data for the S&P and Euro currency?

Answer:  Use a small ESPL script to automate the task and set up the Scheduler to run the script each day at a fixed time.

The SetUp | Scheduler form would have an entry like:      x  07:30 Script filename 60     where filename is the name you used to save the script.

The script in ESPL would be something like this:

  if Who=60 then begin         {60 matches your setting in the scheduler}
    Merge('@SP1U.5', 'SP1U.5') {merge Globex file into day session file}

You can repeat the Merge statement for each file you want to merge.   The Merge function will merge the 1st named file into the 2nd named file.