Refresh Server

ESPL has three global variables to read or write the settings for the three eSignal servers on the SetUp | Manager form.  

TServer -  This variable controls how many days back for Tick charts.

IServer  -  This variable controls the Intra-day Bar Server check box.

HServer -  This variable controls the History Server for daily, weekly, and monthly chart update.

Any of the servers can be disabled by setting the global variable to zero.   The values used by these variables are 0 through 5, where each value is the next check bullet as shown on the Manager tab.   To enable a server, change the server variable value to 1 through 5.


  TServer := 1;  {select 2 Hours choice}
  IServer := 0;  {select Disabled choice}
  HServer := 2;  {select 1 Month choice}