ESPL can call the eSignal news servers and request news data by symbol.  The server responds with a set number of days on news, like 30, and all stories for the symbol.  This allows research on a symbol and you can see how news effected the chart.  The ESPL function which requests the news stories is:

NewsSymbol(symbol: string [, days: integer, count: integer]): boolean;

Symbol is the symbol to download stories for from the eSignal News server.   Example:   MSFT
Days is the number of days to retrieve.  Example:   90    default = 14 if parameter is omitted.
Count is the max number of headlines.  Example:   500   default = 100 if parameter is omitted.

The function will download headlines for this symbol, for XX days back or YY number of headlines, whichever comes first.  Function returns True if the request was made, and False for the DTN version, or if Symbol parameter is missing.

Also, from the News form, click the FIND button and enter   symbol=msft    .   The important part is the 'symbol=' prefix as that will trigger a request to the eSignal news server to download headlines for the named symbol, for 30 days back or 500 headlines, whichever comes first.   The 30 days and 500 count are built into the implementation of the FIND button.   If you want something other than 30 / 500, then use the ESPL NewsSymbol function where you can pass the days and maximum count parameters.

So, there you have it.   Headlines for a named Symbol can be requested by using the FIND button on the News form, or through ESPL.