Learn how to Trade from the Best Mentors

Trading is a fine art that requires skill and knowledge. Ensign has partnered with the following trading education mentors who offer specialized training to Ensign users. These mentors offer services and trading strategies (using Ensign charting software) that can help you become a more successful trader. We invite you to check-out these trading educators and decide for yourself if a particular mentor offers a service that improves your trading.


Learn from some of the best traders in the UK. Custom Ensign studies are used to trade many markets. read more »

Futures Trading Secrets

Bill McCready offers a fantastic trading course for Ensign users. Bill has been an Ensign user for over 10 years. read more »

Coghlan Capital

Paul Coghlan uses Ensign to show daily setups and trades. Great trading service for many markets. read more »

HL Camp and Company

Hank Camp is a Program Trading expert, and knows how it affects your trading (using Ensign for 20+ years). read more »

Brightstar Training, LLC

Brad Stych is a professional educator and trader. Brad has been using Ensign for over 10 years. read more »


Vayonne.Net uses Ensign to predict market turns using Harmonic Angles. read more »

Delta Trading Group

Great training and mentored trading !! Learn how to identify strong trends and trade with the market. read more »

Trading Tutor

Larry Pesavento has trained 1000+ traders using Ensign tools, Pattern Recognition, and Fibonacci Ratios. read more »

Market Geometry

Timothy Morge has been a trader and mentor for 35+ years. A power Ensign user with great services. read more »

Fluidity Trader

Cynthia Edmonson has a following of active traders, and shares her thoughts and helpful tips. read more »


Don Hall has been trading for over 50 years. His Pyrapoint tool is in the Ensign charting software. read more »