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! ! !   Mandatory Upgrade   ! ! !

Everyone should be using a version dated Aug 1, 2015, or later.

New Barchart refresh advantages:
1) End-of-day refresh for Canadian, London, Indian, and Australian Stocks
2) US Stocks, Futures and Indices refresh a bar for today through the delay requirement.
3) Refresh for the DOW indices, such as $DOWI for the Dow Industrial.
4) Significant speed improvement when merging ticks into the Tick Database.

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Ensign 10 Charting Software

Click download to install the Ensign 10 software (Aug 24, 2015 version)
Click here to watch an introductory video for Ensign 10.
Click here to compare Ensign 10 and Ensign Windows.
Read What's New, and view System Requirements.

Click the following links to read Ensign 10 documentation.
Ensign 10 Users Guide
DYO Manual
Studies Manual
Spreadsheet Manual
Templates Manual
Draw Tools Manual
ESPL Programming Manual
Knowledgebase Manual

Ensign Windows Charting Software

Ensign Windows Charting Software

Click download to install the Ensign Windows software (Aug 19, 2015 version)

IQFeed data feed   IQFeed Client

DTN IQFeed and DTN.IQ users should also download this program (version

Chat room for traders   Ensign eChat

This is a free stand alone version of the Ensign Windows Chat (June 22, '15 version). read more »

Download Visual C++ 2010   Visual C++ 2010

Visual C++ redistributable libraries need to be installed to receive the TransAct Futures feed.

Ninja Trader script for Ensign 10 Charting Software   Ninja 7 Script

Strategy script for Ninja Trader 7 to pass the Ninja data feed to Ensign 10 or to Ensign Windows.
(May 7, 2013 version)     read more »

Ensign 10 Charting Sofware   Prior E10 Version

Prior general release version of Ensign 10.
(Feb 27, 2015 version)    read more »

Ensign Windows Charting Sofware   Prior EW Version

Prior general release version of Ensign Windows.
(July 16, 2015 version)    read more »