ESPL: ToolBar and ToolButton

The Ensign 10 ESPL IDE has received significant additions..

  1. Added TStringGrid component
  2. Added TToolBar component
  3. Added TToolButton component
  4. Added TPaintBox component
  5. Added StrUtils library
  6. Exposed 5 Ensign 10 TImageLists named:
    imgList16, imgList24, imgList32, imgMarker, and imgLine

This example shows a form using TToolBar, TToolButton and imgMarker.

At design time, a TToolBar object was added to the form and aligned for alTop. Then four TToolButtons were added to to the ToolBar.

At run time, the imgMarker list of images from Ensign 10 is assigned to the ToolBar images property, and the ImageIndex properties assigned for the ToolButtons.  See the ESPL documentation for the Marker indexes in the Appendix.

Of course, a TImageList can be added to the form, and one’s own images can be added to the component.  At design time, the TToolBar images property can be set to the TImageList on the form, and the ToolButton imageindex property set.

The click event for each of the toolbuttons can be written to perform a desired action.