Dollar Delta Marker

Q:  I was testing the dollar delta feature in Ensign 10 on some commodities that are not priced with decimals – specifically soybeans. When I use the dollar delta feature on bean contracts it does not display the dollar amount clearly.

A:  The answer is right. Just need to know how to interpret it.  Dollar Delta will show the price change points multiplied by the leverage to give the change in dollars.

In this example, the 2 end points of the line are 10 cents apart, and at $50 per cent, the answer is $500.

The scale format for these grains is 8ths, meaning the last digit of the price is the fraction cent. So the last digit of 2 is 2/8th, and 4 is 4/8ths. The answer from the delta dollar is in the same price format, meaning the last digit is the fractional part. 5000 is 500 and 0/8ths, ie $500.00