Object Files in Time Frame Change

Q:  I have multiple currency charts in a stack. I use a time group to simultaneously switch them all from 20 min to 240 min, daily and weekly.   I add draw tools to each chart in each time frame and because I save the layout often the layout will potentially save all charts in either the 20, 240, daily or weekly timeframe.

I send the layout file to many students and members. They have confirmed that opening the layout file they see my stacks/charts etc BUT only the lines for the timeframe that was visible when the layout file was saved. So, if the layout file was saved showing the 20 min charts then the recipient does indeed see all 20 min lines, pitchforks, commentary etc BUT when they switch to the 240, daily or weekly timeframes they see blank charts.

 I suspect those lines are included in the files in the study folder but I don’t know how to ‘include’ those drawing objects. In short all I am trying to do is share my layout so that members/students can see drawing objects on each time frame.  Can you advise?

I am happy to include studies files or other files/folders in a package which I can share with them if need be. The requirement obviously being that my lines do not wipe out their existing lines in their own layouts.

A: The layout file controls which charts open, where to position them, and how to dress them. That is what you see for the 20 min charts if the layout was saved with the 20 min charts showing.  The work you do on other charts in the symbol or time frame change is not saved in the layout.  However, those objects are saved in other files found in the Study folder. These other files have an ‘_ ‘ character preceding the filename as in this example.

The _ES #F.5 and the _ES #F.30 would be 2 such files that were made by symbol or time frame change while in the layout. You would find similar files for your symbols in the other time frames you mention. Package these files with your layout for distribution to your students. Use the package feature as that method of installation by the students will put the files in the correct folders.

However, installation of your files will overwrite any files the users created for their own objects. I do not have a way for the chart to combine both your draw tools and their own draw tools.