Ensign 10 Amazing Flexibility

Testimonial:  ‘I returned a few weeks ago from my annual get together with the small group of twelve traders from around the world that I have been associated with for years.  One of the things we discuss is changes to the way we trade, new programs that we are using and or problems we are looking for help with. I gave a thirty minute presentation on Ensign 10. I had a stack open on a 70″ screen and it looked great. I started with why I changed to the new version of Ensign, how it operated (from my point of view) and what I liked about it.

The group is made up of very talented professional traders. The main feed back point as to Ensign 10 was one of total amazement in the flexibility that the program has. The DYO’s were a separate topic as a spin off that we covered in group later that night.  They were simply amazed that the program allowed the user to not only create a complex working strategy and back test it, but the simplest fact that one can manipulate and change the values of the different indicators was a major deal. Then the ability to remove something with a simple “x” on the Chart Objects list started it’s own discussion as to how great that feature was. Ensign 10 was a big hit with the group.

I know I have been very fortunate to have your support and help along with your never tiring programming skills and knowledge. All of which I am very thankful for!’

D. Dempsey