Median Filter Formula

Q:  My favorite robust statistic is always non-linear tools. To that end I do not like averages but like medians.

Median:  Sort the list of numbers from smallest to biggest. When the count is an odd number, the Median is the middle number.  When the count is an even number, the Median is the midpoint between the two middle numbers.  It would be nice if this were listed on the Ensign studies list.

A:  The Median Filter formula has been added to all study property forms where there is a drop down component to select from 11 average formula. The Median Filter entry is on the bottom of the list.  For example, you can put on the Moving Average study and select the Median Filter formula.

Auto Trendlines on Accumulation Distribution

Q: In E10 the auto trends on the acc/dist study plot in the sub window away from the study line. The trendline is there but not in contact with the study line.

A:  Go to the property window for the Auto Trends study and change the Study Scale selection to the Sub-Windows entry.  Then the trend lines and the accumulation/distribution studies will be plotting on the same scale, and the Auto Trend lines will touch the study line.

Auto Trendlines on Accumulation Distribution Study

Swing Labels on an Average

Q: I would like to have a DYO that will assign labels to pivots on a simple moving average.  These labels would be similar to the labels used by the Pesavento Patterns (Min Size/Bars 0/0).   The DYO must be compatible with the new build for Ensign, and must include Double Tops (DT) and Double Bottoms (DB). The Pesavento Patterns do not include these.

A: Add to the chart the average study and the Pesavento Patterns study.  Change the DATA POINT selection in the Pesavento to reference the moving average and then the swing points of the average are labeled.  Use the LBL selection as the Marker on the top two rows of the Pesavento Patterns property form.