Tick Count in a Bar’s Range

Q:  I am wanting to know the number of ticks per bar. The total count from the high to the low. (Bonds are 1/32 so they are tricky).

A:  Ensign has a value called Tick Count for each bar, but I do not think that is what you seek since you mentioned 1/32nds. The Tick Count is the number of trade ticks received for the bar. I think you are wanting to count the number of price intervals in a bar’s range. For example, if the bar’s High is 109-040 and the bar’s Low is 109-020 the answer is 4 on a ZB bond chart because the difference is 4/64ths.  ZB trades in half 32nds.

This DYO example will make the calculation and show the price count above each bar.

The BAR marker selection will post the expression result as an integer value.  The Marker Location selection used was the Above High 5 location.