Overlay Daily Bar

Q:  Can Ensign overlay a Daily bar chart on a 120-minute bar chart?

A:  Ensign does not overlay charts with different time frames. Ensign overlays would be of the same timeframe for both charts.

However, this DYO example will plot a daily bar on the intra-day chart. It is not exactly what you requested but might be sufficient for your purposes.

The DYO made the daily bars which are shown in yellow. There are 3 other DYO marker  choices that can do a Standard bar, Candlestick, and Ensign Rocket. The example shows the Flute bar style.

The only line that is plotting is Line K.   Lines A, B, C, F and G which are not necessary for the example are included so that you can check their Show boxes and add more content to the visual, such as bands showing the day developing and High/Low values above the daily bar.

The core of the example is Line E, H, I, J, K.   Lines H through K are the 4 values needed by Line K’s marker which draws the Flute bar. Line E controls when the bar is drawn.