Refresh for IMM Exchange Symbols

Q:  I follow B6H2 from the IMM exchange using the BarChart data feed.   Normally I refresh data from BarChart, but they recently had an outage and refresh data for a few hours is unavailable.  Can I get the refresh I need from DTN Market Access?

A:  DTN Market Access does not have data for the IMM exchange.  However, you might consider refreshing with data from the CME exchange for symbols that are similar.  For example, the CME symbol for the British Pound is @BPH2 .

On the Properties for the chart, select the Data tab and edit the DTN Market Access symbol like this:
Now you can refresh for a couple days to fill in the missing data.  Then I suggest you change the refresh source back to BarChart and refresh again for the same time period.  BarChart will then replace the data that overlaps, and retain data received from DTN which BarChart lacks.  The data refreshed from the CME looks acceptable to me in my testing.
Find CME symbols on the DTN symbol guide that would be substitutes for the IMM symbols you use and do a similar process for other IMM symbols you need to refresh.