Layering Charts in Ensign 10

Q:  In Ensign Windows I have large charts on top of each other and use CTRL/Tab keys to bring a chart to the forefront.  I don’t know how to expose a chart if it is hidden behind another Ensign 10.

A:  The CTRL/Tab feature is a function of the operating system, not Ensign, for MDI (multiple document interface) child windows.   That was lost in the redesign of Ensign 10. 

May I suggest that you take a look at using the Layer feature in Ensign 10 as an alternative. Put a large chart on each layer and then click on the layer buttons on the main ribbon to switch charts. This would handle up to 9 such charts.

The other suggestion is to stack the charts with the stack feature. Then you bring the chart to the surface using the buttons that show on the stack for the members. Most use the stack feature.

Open several charts, have them overlap each other, and click the Stack button on the main ribbon. This makes the stack. You can double click on the button on the stack to remove a chart from the stack. Or overlap the stack with another chart and click the stack button to add it to the stack.