Gann 2-Bar Swings

Choong: ‘The simplicity of Gann x-bar Swings as a trend line indicator works much better with products that trend such as the spot forex or futures currency in spotting 1~3 day/bar corrections. When the market is not trending (ie. going sideways) we see the swing line/counts dancing to the tune with 1 upswing, 1 downswing, 1,2 upswings, 1 downswing… back and forth. This is totally different from the percentage zigzag line because x-bar swings track price movement direction and market trends so closely.

(Click on any chart image to show enlarged).

Gann 2-bar Swings work extremely well with EUR.   Here is the EUR H2 5-min chart.

Once again, a big thank you for implementing Gann x-bar swings in Ensign Windows and Ensign 10.’