ESPL: Security Name on Chart

Q:  I would like to see the security name at the top left of the chart.  I know it shows in the title, but that is too small.  Can this be done and automated to show in a bigger format?

A:  This ESPL script will add the security name to the chart which has focus.  Click the ESPL button #9 to add a note object containing the security name.   Here is the ESPL script which automates the process.

  if ESPL = 9 then begin
    FindWindow( eChart);
    sSymbol := GetVariable( eSymbol );
    Find( eIQFeed, sSymbol );
    sName := GetData( eName );
    AddNote( sName, 4, -10, -10, 0 );

The FindWindow will locate the chart which has focus.
GetVariable will read the chart’s symbol.
Find will locate the quote record for the symbol.
GetData will read the security name such as is provided by IQFeed.
AddNote will create an object to be owned by the chart.

The 1st parameter is the text string to show.
The 2nd parameter is the tab number used for  properties. Go set up tab 4 to have Pinned unchecked, and select the color and font size for the note.
The 3rd parameter is the horizontal location.  A negative number represents the pixel position on the chart from the left edge. This starts the note at pixel 10.
The 4th parameter is the vertical location.  A negative number represents the vertical pixel position on the chart from the top edge. The example puts the note down 10 pixels.
The 5th parameter is the window location, and 0 selects the chart.