Bradley Stock Market Model 2012

Larry Pesavento: ‘Donald Bradley published a book in 1946 titled Stock Market Prediction!  The science behind this book was the premise that planetary pairs such as Venus and Uranus have a positive or negative bias in the market. By assigning points to these biases he was able to produce a graph that gave a prediction for what the stock market would do for the coming year. Originally the booklet sold for four dollars and was almost impossible to find until 1987 when I published my first book Astro Cycles, the Traders Viewpoint. Shortly thereafter many people began to publish the Bradley model.  Some made changes in how the planets should be calculated as to their being positive or negative weighting and by how much. I have always used the method described by Bradley.  

I discovered the book through my mentor Dr. Ruth Miller in 1986. With the help of Jim Twentyman and Dr. Miller we ran the Bradley model on every year of the stock market from 1876 to the present. 1876 was 10 years after the Civil War in the first year that accurate stock market data was published in newspapers primarily in New York and Chicago. The Bradley model is based on combinations of planetary cycles. Bradley composed a matrix with all of the planets on the X-axis and all of the planets on the Y-axis. When these planetary pairs combined in a positive mode it was given a positive energy number. The opposite was true for negative planetary number. For example, Venus makes a conjunction, i.e. 0°, every 255 days with the planet Uranus. When it is in opposition, i.e. 180°, it is half way through the cycle. Bradley used commonly known positive or negative effects from traditional astrology to build a chart of what the stock market should do for the coming year. This model can be drawn hundreds of years in advance. It is useful as a training tool for two particular technical aspects. First, the Bradley dates themselves show when terms are due for trend changes. The Bradley model is also good for short-term indications of trend. This is probably an oversimplification of how it works but the key thing to remember is it is based on nothing but numbers. There are no zodiac signs or interpretations involved, just numbers.

As you can see from the first chart I inverted the Bradley model to give an indication of what is happening now as we start the new year. The second chart shows the forecast

Today’s chart gives an idea of what the stock market is supposed to do for 2012.  Realize that this is just a prediction based in planetary positions and not a certainty.  I’ve also included the year 2009 to show you how accurate the market was in predicting the down move in the stock market and the exact day of the bottom March 5, 2009.

Bradley’s model is best used as a guideline for trend analysis. For example, the stock market is supposed to be in an uptrend for several months starting in January based on the Bradley model. As long as it is continuing along this path the model has a great deal of value. However, if the market continues downward, the model has less influence as a trading vehicle. The overall trend for 2012 looks to be to the downside, especially after the spring rally if a spring rally occurs. Money management and risk control take precedent over any prediction made by anyone, including and especially the author.’

Bradley Stock Market Model 2009

Bradley Stock Market Model 2012