ESPL: Custom Symbol

Q:  I did this in E10 ESPL.  I have a Quote Page open with IBM, MSFT, and CSCO quotes which show correctly.  But my custom symbol MANO1 shows up blank after I click the Run button.  What is the problem?

procedure Mano11;
var price, MANO1: real;               
{ if (TimeStr >= '07:20') and (TimeStr <= '14:00') then}
  Feed := eSignal;
  price:= Get('IBM') + Get('MSFT') + Get('CSCO');

A:  Steps I took: 

  1. Click Setup | Custom Symbols
  2. Enter the code in the editor.   NOTE:  I do not have a Procedure as in your example. The presence of Procedure is the problem.
  3. Click the Save button, then the Compile button which has the gear image.  Then click the Run button.
  4. Open the quote page for eSignal and it shows the custom symbol updating.