Range chart for EUR/USD

Q: I am totally confused as to what is happening here as I am getting very different bars on my 3R charts on EW (Eur/Usd+) compared to E10 (Eur/Usd).  EW needs 3R to give 3 pips per bar whereas the other is 30R to give 3 pips per bar. Which is correct and how do I rectify this?

A:  The R parameter is relative to the number of decimals used in the chart scale.

In EW you have 4 decimals showing so R3 is  0.0003.
In E10 you have 5 decimals showing, so the same value is R30 to get 0.00030.
If you want both to be the same, then both EW and E10 need to use the same decimal format.
I will assume your preference is to show the 1/10th pip digit, so lets change EW to show 5 decimals.  In EW go to the chart properties form by pressing CTRL+P on the chart.  Change the Price formats from the current  #.#### selections to the #.##### (5 decimal) selections.
Then EW will use  R30  charts instead of R3.