ESPL: Emulate Workspace Tabs

Q:  I have used Ensign for years…and I am very happy with it. I look at about 14 markets. I set up each market with 2-3 charts in a workspace. I click onto a workspace and this works well for me.  I was trying to use the Layer function in Ensign 10 for the same effect, but the numbered tabs do not label that particular market, there are only 9 tabs, and my understanding is that it requires more CPU.   Is there any chance of having layout tabs in Ensign 10 that serves the same function as the workspace tabs in Ensign Windows?

A:  There are no plans to add a tab control which shows layout names to replicate the EW feature.  However, the E10 ESPL language is very powerful and could be used to create the tabs feature.  This is the essence of the ESPL implementation of a tab control.

Starting with a New Project, put a tab control on the form, and resized the form and the tab control.  At design time, edited the TABS property to add names for the tabs, such as is shown on the form, using words of ‘First’, ‘Second’, ‘Third’ etc. 

In the Change event for the tab control, write code that opens different layouts using the Layout function. Here is the code example. 

procedure TabControl1Change(Sender: TObject);
  Case tabControl1.tabIndex of
    0: Layout('ALayoutName');
    1: Layout('2ndLayout');
    2: Layout('3rdLayout');

Edit the example so you have tab names that are meaningful and open the layouts using layout names you use.   Each tab would have a case number entry.