What Have We Been Up To?

We have been very busy the past 2 years designing a new product.  Ensign Windows has been our windows based charting software since 1994, and before that we developed DOS based software since 1981.   Customers requested features that were not easily added to Ensign Windows.   Therefore, we decided to design a new product built upon the requested features, and leverage upon portions of Ensign Windows code when possible.   The new product is called Ensign 10, and is briefly described by these significant new features.  

  • Simultaneous Data can be received from ALL supported vendor feeds at the same time.  This means you can have FXCM, eSignal and Interactive Broker feeds together.
  • Playback supports replaying multiple symbols simultaneously with real market data.   Ensign Windows playback was limited to a single symbol.
  • Layers can instantly add 9 different views to your monitors.  This is superior to switching workspaces or using slider bars to have an extended screen space.  
  • Ribbon look replaces bulky menus and toolbars!
  • Free Floating Charts and Forms can be placed on any monitor.   This is one of the significant requests that resulted in undertaking the redesign.
  • Quote pages and Time & Sales are redesigned to be more colorful and attractive!
  • Package feature to quickly distribute Layouts and Templates through Ensign’s servers.  This is a really cool feature that we will have training classes on.
  • Stack container for on-the-fly Quotes and Charts with a single mouse-click!
  • PDF documentation to quickly find Help and Information you’re looking for!   The documentation for Ensign 10 is currently around 750 pages.  You are welcome to read it if you have any interest.
  • Spreadsheet for precision formulas with an extensive range of mathematical functions!  This is a whole new area with lots of flexibility and power.
  • DYO study redesign to be more powerful, and easier to understand and read!   We will have many training classes to help you utilize this amazing tool for creating your expert systems.
  • Trade Optimizer for advanced users to optimize their trading systems!  This is a totally new feature with lots of power to optimize your systems.
  • Chart Scanner for advanced users to generate reports of charts that match a search criteria!

Click the Introductory Video to watch a short segment about the NEW Ensign 10 software!
Click and Compare Ensign 10 with Ensign Windows to see the wonderfully improved functionality.