ESPL: Reset Scale Default

Q: Are you planning to add btnReset to ESPL in E10, or is there another way of automatically rescaling all the open charts in E10?

A: You would write a loop to give each open chart focus, and then use these 3 statements to accomplish a scale reset.   Task #198 resets the chart scale to its default.   Since the chart pop-up menus are not registered in ESPL, the trick is to set the tag for the mnuSaveLayout which is exposed in ESPL.   After doing the click event, reset the tag for this menu back to its original 900 value.   See the documentation in the DYO manual for the IF # then Action #2 statement for a full listing of action values that could be performed by this method.

mnuSaveLayout.tag := 198;;
mnuSaveLayout.tag := 900;